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Tampa Probate Attorney
Settling a Decedent’s Affairs

When a loved one passes away in Florida, their estate may need to go through a legal process known as probate. Florida probate is designed to administer and
settle the decedent’s assets, debts, and final affairs in an orderly manner. This process ensures that assets are transferred to the rightful beneficiaries or heirs,
debts and taxes are paid off, and any disputes are resolved. At Knudsen Law, our Florida probate attorneys offer comprehensive probate services to guide you
through this challenging time with care and efficiency.

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Tampa Probate Attorney

Losing a loved one is never easy, and dealing with probate can add further stress during such a difficult time. At Knudsen Law, our Tampa probate attorneys are committed to providing compassionate support and guiding you through the probate process with expertise and efficiency. Our experienced attorneys will assist you in understanding the specific probate process applicable to your situation and ensure that your loved one’s final affairs are settled according to their wishes.

Understanding the Types of Florida Probate

Florida offers three main types of probate proceedings to accommodate different circumstances:

  • Formal Probate:This traditional and common probate process is ideal for larger estates or those involving complex issues. It requires more court involvement and follows a structured procedure. To initiate formal probate, a petition is filed with the court, a personal representative (executor or administrator) is appointed, creditors are notified, and a detailed inventory and appraisal of assets are conducted. Formal probate is necessary when the estate’s assets exceed $75,000.
  • Summary Probate: For smaller estates, summary probate offers a simplified and expedited process. It is generally faster and less costly compared to formal probate. To qualify for summary probate, the estate’s assets (excluding exempt property and homestead) must be valued at less than $75,000. In a summary probate, the personal representative can distribute assets directly to beneficiaries without a complete administration process. The court’s involvement could be more minimal, streamlining the process.
  • Ancillary Probate: When a decedent owns property in another state or country besides their primary residence in Florida, ancillary probate is necessary to transfer and administer the out-of-state or foreign property according to the jurisdiction’s laws and procedures. In Florida, ancillary probate is usually handled alongside the primary probate process for the decedent’s Florida estate. It involves filing an ancillary petition in the appropriate court, appointing a local personal representative if required, and administering the property located outside of Florida.

Navigating Probate with Knudsen Law

Let our knowledgeable Tampa probate attorneys at Knudsen Law help you navigate the complexities of Florida probate. Contact us today at 727.398.3600 or complete our contact form to schedule a consultation. We are here to provide the guidance and support you need during this challenging time. Efficiently settle a decedent’s affairs in Florida. Understand formal, summary, and ancillary probate processes. Ensure rightful transfers and resolution of disputes. Contact us today.

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Efficiently settle a decedent’s affairs in Florida. Understand formal, summary, and ancillary probate processes. Ensure rightful transfers and resolution of disputes. Contact us today.

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